Bubble Rules of Play

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 General Rules of the Game

Ø  All games shall be played under the laws set forth by F.I.F.A., except as modified by these rules.

Ø  No Offside.


Ø  All foul kicks are indirect including corner kicks. 

Ø  If the ball hits the roof of the bubble, indirect free kick for opposing team

1-      Registration and Eligibility

A.      All teams must register at least 20 min before their first game.

B.      At initial registration each team shall provide a photocopy of the official team roster. The roster must include a uniform number for each guest or loan player, which must remain constant for the entire league. 

C.      At Check-in, 20 minutes prior to first game time, a team representative must present and have available the properly certified roster for the team or SUSA Soccer Roster form for the league (specifically indicating which players are participating), Also for each participating player a proof of birth and a SUSA waiver (commonly referred to as a Medical Release) executed for each player. Information will be presented to the registration desk at the site. 

D.      The Game day Roster must be submitted containing no more than eighteen (18) players who will be deemed eligible to play for the team on that date, including rostered players and guests. Each team will be allowed up to 3 guest players from outside teams. For U10 and younger teams, no roster may have more than 14 players and may include up to 3 guest players. 

2-      Player’s Equipment and Field Regulations

Cleats are allowed

A.      All soccer equipment must adhere to F.I.F.A. laws. A player must not use equipment or wear anything that is dangerous to himself, herself or another player (including any kind of jewelry). 

B.      Shin guards are mandatory. 

C.      Knee braces, if worn, must be covered completely. 

D.      No rigid casts are allowed. Game Referee has final authority whether any cast is permissible in that game. 

E.       Players’ numbers must coincide with numbers listed on the roster 

F.       In the event that team colors are similar, the home team will change colors. The home team is the team listed first on the schedule. 

G.     All foul kicks, including corner kicks are indirect.

H.     A minimum of 3 yards is allowed on every foul kick.

I.        No Offside

J.        Goal Keepers are allowed to punt and throw the ball over the half way line.

K.      The maximum goal differential for a game reflected in the standings is five. Any score with a goal differential greater than five will not be reflected in score in the standings (i.e. – a game score of 8-1 will be reflected as 6-1 in the standings). Coaches will be encouraged to promote possession play when their team is leading by five or more goals.

4. Substitutions 


5. Game Duration & Ball Size 

A.      Adult league (2 x 25 min) Youth League (42 minutes running clock), Tournament (22 min running clock each game) 

B.      Approved size 5 balls shall be used to be supplied by the home team for ages U13 and up and size 4 for U12 and under.

C.      U10 and younger teams will play with eight (8) players on the field, U11 and up play nine (9) players on the field. 


6. Standings:


A.      Group standings will be determined based on game points.

B.      3 points for win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss.

C.      League will operate in Round-Robin format where total points determines 1st and 2nd place.

D.      Tiebreaker: 1. Head to Head 2. Fewest Goals Allowed 3. Goal Differential (up to 5 per game)

E.       All standings will be posted on the Susa Soccer website.


 7- Forfeit 

A.      A five minute grace period will be allowed from scheduled kickoff time. Teams must be present and ready to play at the scheduled time or forfeit the game. Nonetheless, league officials will have the option to shorten the game.

B.      A minimum of 6 players constitutes a team. 

C.      A forfeit will be recorded as a two to zero result. 

D.      The determination of the league Committee is final. 

 8- Discipline 

A.      Coaches, players and spectators are required to conduct themselves within the Laws of the Game. 

B.      All disciplinary measures imposed by the league Committee shall be limited to participation in the league. 

C.      Cautions and ejections based on violent behavior, such as referee assault, will be referred to the appropriate governing body as required by such governing body’s rules and regulations. A player or coach accumulating 2 yellow cards will be suspended for one game. 

D.      Players, coaches or any team official ejected from any game shall be suspended for at least one additional game, as mandated by F.I.F.A. Such players and coaches will not be with the team during the next match (es). They can be on the opposite side of the field and watch the game as spectators at the discretion of the official/ referee. If a coach is ejected by the referee for unsportsmanlike conduct, he or she will have to leave the premises immediately and will have to serve a minimum of two match ban.  

E.       Spectators ejected from the field must leave promptly, and failure to do so may result in forfeiture of the game in which their team is participating and / or resort to civil authorities. 

F.       Additional penalties may be imposed, as deemed fit and necessary by the league Committee. 

 9- General Information 

A.      Coaches, players and their fans are expected to conduct themselves within the Spirit of the game. In this regard the league Committee reserves the right to take disciplinary action as necessary. 

B.      No protests will be entertained. 

C.      All teams shall shake hands at the end of each game as a gesture of friendship and sportsmanship. 

D.      Referee decisions may not be protested or disputed. REFEREE’S DECISION IS FINAL

E.       Under no circumstances whatsoever will the league, SUSA Bubble, SUSA Soccer Arena (or any member of this organization or any of its affiliates or facilities) be responsible for any expenses (including league entry fee, tournament fees) incurred by any team participating in the league or tournament. This includes any circumstances where the league, the tournament or SUSA must cancel any league match, any part of the tournament or the tournament in its entirety.

F.       $300 of each league or tournament entry fee is NON REFUNDABLE.

G.     Should the league or tournament be cancelled in part or in whole for any reason, the league or tournament will make every effort part of the league or tournament entry fee. All decisions regarding league refunds will be made by the league or tournament director.

H.     Any team accepted in the league or tournament then withdraws will forfeit entry fee in its entirety.

I.        The league or tournament director interpretation of the rules shall be final.

J.        The league and tournament director reserves the right to decide on all matters pertaining to the league or tournament.