National Premier Leagues is a CLUB BASED league platform that is sanctioned and administered by US Club Soccer which is comprised of multiple geographically organized and regionalized leagues. The champion crowned for each of the regionalized NPLs advance to a national championship.

The term “CLUB BASED” means that NPL division membership is extended to whole club organizations, not individual teams.

The NPL currently consists of 20 member leagues from all across the United States.


The NY CLUB SOCCER LEAGUE is the featured league in our geographic region sanctioned by US Club Soccer, which features multiple levels of play. As a league member of the National Premier Leagues platform, the NYCSL offers an NPL division of play as the top tier of competition for the NYCSL.

The NPL division of the NYCSL features competition in the U12 – U18 age groups

At U12 age group, the NPL features an 9v9 format for competition as a result of a conscious soccer decision by the membership. Fewer players on the field in a smaller area results in more touches, more decisions, more action and therefore presumably more development opportunity.

At U12, each club fields 2 teams for the league with encourage to utilize advanced U11 players to enhance their development. Again, this was a conscious soccer decision by the membership made in the interest of giving more playing time opportunities to players in the age category.

BOYS and GIRLS NPL club memberships are not necessarily the same. A club must apply separately for the BOYS and GIRLS NPL club membership. SUSA FC is fortunate to be an NPL member club for both BOYS and GIRLS.

The GIRLS NPL-NYCSL plays a 14-18 game schedule, consisting of 1 straight league table (fall and spring combined), with an emphasis on eliminating double header dates (1 game per day and limiting weekends to mainly 1 game per weekend). In limited instances where travel is incurred, there will be a Saturday match and a Sunday match in a given weekend.


  1. MINIMAL TRAVEL. The girls NPL division of the NYCSL has an extremely efficient travel schedule. The conference schedule is played in New York and New Jersey, with the potential for advancement opportunity through regional cross over player for 3 weekends. This is far less travel than previously participated local and regional “premier” leagues.
  2. MINIMAL COST. The annual membership fee for the NPL, when divided and paid by each team, is equal to or less than most single weekend tournaments.
  3. QUALITY COMPETITION. It is believed that player development is best supported and achieved through properly structured clubs. Accordingly, the NPL platform is a CLUB based model. While there may be a range of teams within a club in terms of competitiveness, the concept is that players will compete in an environment where “HOW YOU PLAY TECHNICALLY and TACTICALLY” is emphasized over a free-for-all environment where individual teams are merely trying to “win games” at the expenses of developing players.
  4. QUALITY FIELDS. NPL division matches are played on quality natural grass and artificial turf fields.
  5. HOSPITALITY. Hosting clubs for the girls NPL division of the NYCSL are encouraged to provide beverages (gatorade, water, etc…) for the visiting clubs.
  6. 3-REFEREE SYSTEM. U13-U18 matches in the NYCSL-NPL division feature a 3-REFEREE SYSTEM.
  7. SIDELINE ATMOSPHERE. Policies of the NPL division of the NYCSL promote professional sideline behavior by all coaching staff and respectful behavior from the spectator sidelines. Clubs who fail to honor these policies are subject to review by the NYCSL-NPL division DOC management committee.
  8. CLUB ENVIRONMENT. U12, U13 and U14 NPL-NYCSL teams travel and host together, and U15, U16, U17, and U18 NPL-NYCSL teams travel and host together. Clubs are encouraged to permit movement of players within the club amongst the club’s teams, while honoring the objective to limit players to 1 match per day.
  9. PLAYER IDENTIFICATION. Players within the NPL division of the NYCSL are integrated into US Club Soccer’s id2 and PDP programs. To learn more about US CLUB SOCCERS ID2 PROGRAM, click HERE. To learn more about US CLUB SOCCERS PDP, click HERE.
  10. NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. The age group winner for the NYCSL-NPL division U13-U18 advance to a national championship. For more information, click HERE.



The NPL provides a unified, league-based national developmental platform with the highest level of competition in its geographic areas.

Created to elevate and change the competitive youth soccer landscape based upon US Club Soccer’s fundamental principles, the NPL extends developmental principals espoused by the U.S. Soccer Development Academy into younger age groups and additional clubs, providing a platform for long-term player development.

More specifically, the NPL provides a platform:
  • focused on long-term player development;
  • for the country’s top soccer clubs, allowing consistent, meaningful high-level games appropriately scheduled with higher training-to-game ratios;
  • that allows players to be scouted and evaluated by U.S. Soccer National Staff and Technical Advisors;
  • that is designed and structured by the clubs, based on the needs of the clubs; and
  • that provides an avenue for qualification for the NPL Champions Cup.


The NPL is an important component of US Club Soccer’s 10-year vision to refine the landscape for competitive youth soccer. This vision recognizes that:
  • Properly-structured youth soccer clubs are the vehicle through which player development does and must occur in the United States.
  • Clubs should play in leagues that provide meaningful games, allow establishment of the proper training-to-game ratio, and eliminate calendar congestion.
  • NPLs, as well as the best clubs, should be integrated in US Club Soccer’s id2 National Identification and Development Program, include Player Development Programs (PDPs) in select local markets, and work closely with U.S. Soccer staff regarding player identification, and player and coach development.


The culminating event each year is the NPL Champions Cup, where national championships are awarded. The NPL Champions Cup features qualifiers from every NPL across the country in a true “champions league” competition.
The NPL Competition Committee, which includes one representative from every NPL, makes recommendations regarding the NPL Champions Cup qualification process for each NPL based on each league’s relative size and strength. These recommendations include: 1.) direct berths in the NPL Champions Cup; 2.) play-in berths in the NPL Champions Cup, and 3.) placement of NPL finalists in US Club Soccer’s National Cup.
This annual evaluation process will allow continued growth of NPLs across the country while maintaining competitive balance within every league and in the NPL Champions Cup.

For a listing of all leagues and clubs within the NPL, please click here.