Dedicated To Total Development

SUSA Academy is dedicated to the total development of nationally competitive soccer players and scholar athletes for advancement onto US Soccer National teams, NCAA college soccer programs, higher education, and successful life experience.

In carrying out our mission statement, we provide:

  • – Quality training,
  • – Competition opportunities within nationally and regionally competitive league play, tournament play and college showcase events,
  • – Collaboration opportunities with a wide variety of peers in order to create the most talent rich environment,
  • – Parent education,
  • – Responsible training and games schedule, balancing appropriate rest and periodization,
  • – Access to quality indoor and outdoor training facilities, and a platform for learning and competition that embraces our Club’s core values.

We believe that the environment is as critical of a role as anything else in the development of nationally competitive players and teams. In this regard, we work diligently to identify players, coaches and volunteers outside of our club for possible membership to SUSA Academy, maintain standards and integrity of club values and policies, and feature a staff of coaches who understand the importance of continuing their own education.